Refrigeration Maintenance

Keep Your Refrigerator Up and Running

We perform commercial refrigeration maintenance in Morrow, OH and Salisbury, MD

Your refrigerator just sits there and does its job, day after day. It's important to keep it running properly, because if it were to fail, your food supplies could fail with it. If you need commercial refrigeration maintenance or repairs, rely on The Cooler King. We can perform scheduled commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance services on any equipment that was purchased from our company. Even if it's out of warranty, we can repair it.

We keep a qualified maintenance person on call at all times. If you need commercial refrigerator repair services in the Morrow, OH or Salisbury, MD area, email us today.

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How often should you schedule maintenance?

We offer recurring commercial refrigeration maintenance services for our clients. We can schedule maintenance services:


Twice a year


We also offer one-time maintenance services. Call us at 513-833-4540 (in Morrow, OH) or 301-252-2237 (in Salisbury, MD).